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You have answered all my prayers with this. It is absolutely wonderful” (wife of husband with muscular dystrophy”


A few years ago the father of my son’s friend was involved in a horrific car accident which left him with quadriplegia. After his accident I came to know Chris better as we both attended school activities at the same time.

On one occasion I helped him to get into his car from his wheel chair... What a humbling experience! Not because of Chris’s quadriplegia but because of my own, almost, inability to help him. There I was 6ft 4”, weighing in at 110kg’s STRUGGELING to help him get into his car!

This started me thinking that there must be a better way of transferring my friend. I came up with the idea of a transfer board in 2 parts: a seat and a base. The seat moves over the base from side to side… simple!

Since I am in the woodworking business, I immediately made one out of plywood. Plywood is flexible and very strong, the ideal material for the job. I found, however, that once there is weight on the seat, it creates friction between the base and the seat. No matter how we varnished, sanded and buffed, we could not get rid of the friction. We had to find a way of lifting the seat up off the base but still be attached to the base ...Marbles!

The base now becomes a track with marbles elevating the seat. The seat has 2 guides keeping it attached to the base and it can be extended beyond the base, under the buttocks of the user. Similarly, the seat slides with little effort across to the other side and extends, once again, beyond the base, leaving the individual in the desired position. The final product is durable, flexible and strong (it handles my weight and more, easily!).

During the development of the Quadrislide, Chris was willing to act as my guinea pig and also critic, providing me with knowledgeable insight into the life of someone with impaired movement ability.

Needless to say it was his suggestion that we patent the Quadrislide and put it on the open market, to make it available to all people with impaired movement ability.

  • Rehabilitation units
  • Hospitals
  • Medical orthotists and prosthetists
  • Schools
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Quadriplegia & Paraplegia.
  • Wheel chair users